Political assignments

Agriculture takes a special place in governmental objectives and strategies. Agriculture produces products, that should normally be sold like any other good or service, on a free market at a price settled by the game of offer and demand. On the other hand, food represents one of the bases of everyone’s living and no modern state can afford to keep a large part of the country’s population who cannot reach a fair level of nutritional satisfaction. Ensuring feeding of the population leads often to governmental practices that are contrary to good trade manners in a liberal world of globalisation.

Naturally agriculture uses a great part of the national territory and the State is interested to control the occupation of agricultural land, to restrict its use for environmental protection reasons or to protect the land from extensive building. In densely populated areas, agricultural land is object of desire for many non-agricultural potential users. In scarcely populated areas, farmers may represent the governmental agents able to keep tidy the land and maintain the landscape needed for the rest of the population.

Various political assignments represent the possibility for me to enlarge my field of action and offer my technical expertise to support agriculture and the farmers politically and socially in a coherent manner.

I advocate for a strong engagement of the State towards the agriculture and the farmers, and for the principle of self supply for every product where it is reasonably possible. The agricultural practices must respect all the environmental requirements and farmers must be paid properly for the services they offer in maintaining the landscape and the biodiversity. Agricultural land should belong to the State, which then leases to farmers under strict environmental conditions with long term contracts. Collective equipments for land use and agricultural production should be the rule for financial support from the State.


Member of the local council and member of the financial commission (1994-2001, 2006-2008), president of the financial commission (1998-2001), president of the local socialist party (1997-2001).

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Member of the executive board of the Socialist Party of Vaud ( 2006-2009)

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Member of the commission for agriculture of the Swiss socialist party 2000-2009). President of the cantonal agricultural commission of the Socialist Party of Vaud (2004-2009).

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Member of the board of the Swiss socilaiste women (since 2017)


Permanent representative of the Business and Professional Women International (BPW) at the UNCTAD in Geneva (since 2004).

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Member of the agricultural commission of the Business and Professional Women International (BPW) (since 2005).