Highlight : what is an "environmental performance review"?

An environmental performance review is performed upon request of a country by the OECD (for member countries) and the UNECE-ONU (for Eastern European countries). These organisations hire the experts (specific to each chapter - water, air, industry, etc. and always foreign to the reviewed country), organise the review (documents and mission in the country), and produce a final report with conclusions and recommendations. Those recommendations are discussed and accepted by the delegates of the reviewed country in an official session (at the UNECE or the OECD) and must be then integrated in the policies and the legislation of the reviewed country.

Kadima was in charge of the chapter "agriculture and environment" in Slovenia (1996), Latvia (1998), Armenia (1999), Iceland ("land management") and Romania (2000), Albania (2001), Macedonia-FYROM (2002) and Turkmenistan (2011, land mangement)

Look at  : http://www.unece.org/env/epr/welcome.html