-        Zurich Federal Polytechnic, agricultural engineer diploma (1977)

-        Hebrew University of Jerusalem M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences (1980)

-       Institute for Advanced Studies of Public Administration, University of Lausanne, Master in Public administration (1999)



Since 2009 : ARE - Swiss Federal Office for territorial planning : responsible of the State program for protection of the agricultural lands.

2001-2008 : Vaud - State office for territorial planning : building permits for agricultural projects and permits based on environmental impact studies.

1997-1999 : studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies of Public Administration. Master (subject : choice of tourism strategies in rural areas of the Czech Republic with the multicriteria decision aid methodology). 

1995-2000 : development of own free-lance consultancy "Kadima" in the fields of agriculture and environment, agritourism, in particular in Eastern European countries. Translations. (ecKadimahotmail.com)

1990-1995 : ABConseil SA, Orbe: environmental impact studies, labelled agricultural production,  agro-environmental studies, translations.

1989-1990 : various assignments for the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Lausanne in the field of land and water management for farming activities.

1982-1995 : correspondent of "Agri-Hebdo", agricultural weekly of French-speaking Switzerland : technical articles on animal production.

1977-1982 : Head of the livestock and pasture sector in the Vaud Agricultural Extension Service : technical and economic advice to farmers, organisation of extension for officers in the field and in the farms.

1977-1980 : Hebrew University of Jerusalem : Israeli-Dutch project on exploiting semi-arid pastures with sheep grazing. M Sc. in Environmental sciences

1972-1977 : practical training in various farms in all parts of Switzerland during the studies at the Polytechnic